Eating On The Road

Stunning vistas may fill the soul but they do not fill the stomach. No matter the awesome things we get to do, at some point we have to stop and eat. Fortunately, eating can also be awesome…or not. Whether it’s roadside diners, campfire cuisine, or freeze-dried backpacker rations, we try it all and have opinions.
Chilean sea bass with a miso sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and broccolini.

Covered tin pot of water over the fire for cooking a freeze dried dinner.

Our chicken dinner is ready with corn, green onion, and roasted lemon.

Steak in a heated cast iron pan over the fire.

A fine dinner was a welcome reprieve from the endurance dest that had been wandering Death Valley.

Estate Wines

A spread of dark chocolate truffles, part of a lavish spread of crostini, duck egg rolls, Italian sliced meats,  and cheeses.

One of our awesome friends in Portland made a gift of this Portland Growler Co. 64 oz growler.  We finally got to make use of it on this stop.  We are blown away by the awesome craftsmanship.

This is what it's all about: spiked cocoa.

The Last of the PBRs chilling in the creek.  We just had to sit by the creek and chill with the beer until it was cool and we were cool and everything was cool. Creeks beat refrigerators any day of the week.

Oh, those tasty, tasty throwed rolls.

Bust of Col. Sanders

Campfire Cooking

The upside of pit toilets are fire pits. When we go camping, we like to add some adventure with campfire cooking.


It doesn’t take a genius to say that a Micheline star restaurant is special. But what about the road side oddities that don’t get culinary acclaim? They are still fun and we like to give them some love too.